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Online Marketing in China – Expert Marketing Strategy

Trademonster has a strong relationship with every popular Chinese eCommerce platform. Using these exclusive connections to your advantage, we provide online marketing services in China tailored to your business’ needs, the platforms it will appear on, and your target audience in China.


Connect with Chinese Consumers

If you’re looking to reach consumers in a foreign market, listing your products or creating a flagship virtual store is just the first step. The next step is to be found by your ideal consumer. Our strategies for online marketing in China involve listing your flagship store on various eCommerce platforms and creating campaigns that help you to compete with other brands (both Chinese and foreign).

Current consumers choose which products to buy based on mobile research and social media exposure. Therefore, online marketing is crucial to reach customers at the start of their buying journey, putting your brand at the top-of-mind spot.

Not only that, Chinese consumers already seek out foreign brands and products on eCommerce platforms like Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, and more. Our cross-border eCommerce strategies focus on making your brand visible on these platforms, centering around marketing material optimisation and promotion cycle participation.

China’s eCommerce platforms have many requirements for use. Following the guidelines for platform-specific advertisements is an essential step to master before you can garner the attention of your customer, and the requirements shift according to the platform you’re on. Having an experienced team on your side will streamline the entire process and get your store found!

Online Marketing in China with Trademonster

Once you’ve built a store or listed your products on a platform, you’ll have access to the marketing abilities that platform offers. With our expertise in the Chinese market, we can help you create an online marketing plan that optimises the tools at your disposal.

Marketing Activity Set Up and Platform-Based Promotion

Chinese eCommerce platforms have their own sets of marketing tools that allow you to compete with pre-established businesses. Our job is to help you get the best out of these resources, partnering with the platform and optimising your business’ listings, advertising within the platform, and collecting data on your audience to create targeted campaigns.

Some of China’s eCommerce platforms (like WeChat), also function as social media platforms, so it’s important to understand strategies for social media marketing in China as well.

Store Decoration & Product Listing Optimisation

With the knowledge our local team offers, it’s easier than ever to leave a good impression on your customer when they visit your online store. Our professional operational team works with you to set up all the necessary online marketing materials for product listings on your flagship store. These are constantly optimised to keep up with festivals and sales on the multiple platforms we specialise in, ensuring your business appears right alongside your competitors.

Our marketing services include:

  • Product image optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation within the marketing channels
  • Page optimisation for user experience
  • Store design (product page, scene page, etc.)
  • Promotional material design and coordination

Our Online Marketing Services

Product Visual Design

Our professional design team can design quality creatives and materials for your product listings, including description translation, product images, and product pages. We ensure these meet each platform's requirements, continually updating the pages to keep the images fresh and new.

All you need to do is supply us with the basic information about your brand and products, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Brand Visual Design

Your customers will never be bored with your store’s branding or appearance. To ensure your brand’s visual design is eye-catching, we update your flagship store’s layout as well as your product visuals monthly.

In-Store Promotion

Compete with other brands and drive Chinese internet users to your store with in-store promotions! By using the promotion-suite we’ve designed for our clients on each platform, you can gain traction in a new market. These promotions include, but are not limited to:

Gift with purchase
Package deals
New product launch sales
“Buy One Get One Free” vouchers

Platform Activity

Each platform has its own cycle of promotions. Actively participating in these promotions is one of the most effective ways for brands to get more traffic.

For brands new to this market, it can be tough to know which events to participate in. We use our knowledge of China-based online shopping to choose the most suitable promotion cycles for your brand, helping you to get as much traffic as possible with cost-effective promotion strategies.