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Trademonster is a New Zealand-based company dedicated to developing cross-border eCommerce in the Southern Hemisphere, promoting two-way trade and logistics between Australasia and China.

So far, we have provided cross-border trade and supply chain operations for multiple brands in New Zealand and Australia. Key brands include Comvita, Manuka Health, Nutra-Life, Healtheries, Antipodes, Blackmores, SWISSE, Karicare and A2 infant formula. Through multiple online and offline distribution channels, we facilitate relationships between brands and major Chinese cross-border eCommerce platforms, ( including TMall, and Kaola), social content platforms, financial institutions, TV shopping channels, and duty-free stores.


The Antipodes brand is centred on organic beauty. Founded in New Zealand by visionary founder and director Elizabeth Barbalich, this cutting-edge company has become one of the most recognised skincare and makeup companies in New Zealand. Antipodes is known for sourcing high-quality ingredients and raw-superfruit extracts from New Zealand nature, combining them to make premium skincare and makeup formulas.

This company is a trailblazer, breaking into the Chinese skincare and beauty market with help from Trademonster back in 2018. We helped them connect with Chinese consumers with our comprehensive eCommerce operations. Now, their products are sold in over 13 countries around the world.


FANCL Group is a leading healthcare products brand in Japan. Their brand is committed to customer satisfaction by providing a convenient shopping experience, eliminating the anxiety that many customers experience when shopping for healthcare products.

We helped the FANCL Group join the eCommerce market in China, enabling them to market to a new audience through platforms.


Jude Salisbury, Abeeco’s owner and founder, has cultivated a brand that is recognised throughout New Zealand for its natural skincare and beauty products. Abeeco products harness the power of New Zealand-specific compounds like Bee Venom, Manuka Honey, and Royal Jelly, and has grown from a single bee-pollen company into a respected New Zealand brand.

We helped Jude branch into China, where the market for foreign health and beauty products is booming. Using our end-to-end logistics and eCommerce services, Abeeco has carved out a dedicated customer niche in China.

Become a success story

Trademonster is New Zealand’s leading end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider, bringing brands into the Chinese online market and helping them to connect with Chinese consumers.