Cross-Border China eCommerce Solutions

Open the Red Gate to access Chinese market


With Trademonster’s all-in-one cross-border eCommerce solutions for China, brands can establish themselves in the Chinese market through virtual flagship stores. Cross-border eCommerce takes up 20% of China’s online market share, giving foreign brands ample opportunity to sell products in a new market.

We handle everything from crafting an expertly tailored entry strategy to warehousing and online sales across platforms. If your business is ready for the Chinese market, Trademonster will help you make your mark.

Jump into one of the fastest-expanding digital markets in the world.


Comprehensive Cross-Border eCommerce Solutions

Many foreign brands deal with multiple partners for their market entry strategy, social media marketing, warehousing, and logistics. Trademonster provides an all-in-one, end-to-end cross-border eCommerce service for brands looking to open flagship stores on multiple China eCommerce platforms.

We have worked with more than 40 Australasian and Asian brands, successfully launching their flagship stores in China, and marketing their products to Chinese consumers. We’re unique in this industry, in that we use our experience and on-the-ground knowledge, continually managing your business’ presence in China past the setup stage.

Our full-service suite for cross-border eCommerce includes:

  • Market analysis and entry strategy
  • Online eCommerce material preparation
  • Flagship store application
  • Multi-channel digital marketing
  • Product and virtual store design
  • Online platform promotions
  • Content marketing in China
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Customer service
  • Data analysis

Opening a Virtual Flagship Store for China

Our local team of Chinese marketing experts provide a tailor-made marketing proposal. We focus on creating a strategy that will establish your brand’s position in the Chinese market and effectively reach your target market. From there, we begin the process of opening your flagship virtual stores.

1.Brand Assessment: We discuss your brand with you, identifying how it will resonate with the China eCommerce market using our local knowledge. This includes identifying the platforms that will work best for your type of brand.
2.Material Preparation: From advertising material to export materials, we work with you to prepare for the launch of your flagship store.
3.Application for Flagship Store: We assist you, the brand, in communicating with each platform, creating a settlement plan, and submitting a finalised application.
4.Setup and Management of Flagship Store: Once the store is established, we will continue to run it and provide the following on-going services:

  • Product and Brand Visual Design: Regularly updating  product page, product image  and other promotion materials
  • Page optimisation: including text updates and portfolio adjustments
  • Store daily operation and promotion management
  • 3PL & Warehouse service
  • Sales and service data analysis

Why Create Cross-Border ECommerce Flagship Stores?

Cross-border eCommerce in China allows international companies to sell goods to Chinese consumers online through platforms such as Alibaba’s Tmall Global and Kaola. This operational channel offers preferential duty rates, allows offshore businesses to trade in the country without a business operation license, and offers a host of other benefits to expand your brand.

Cross-Border eCommerce Provides a Testing Ground

In the past, smart businesses have used the cross-border channel to test the waters before physically expanding their business. If you’re looking into expanding into the Chinese market with stores, beginning as an online retailer on China’s e-commerce platforms can help you assess if customers are interested in your offerings.

Brand Showcasing on Popular eCommerce Platforms

Your online flagship store helps to showcase your brand, bringing in sales and establishing a good reputation. If you’re looking to establish a presence in a new market and open with a “bang”, then a flagship store is the way to do it.

Much like a store in a physical mall, a virtual flagship store gives online shoppers an overview of everything your brand has to offer. You can tailor it to your specifications, providing a unique experience for your customer at the touch of a button.

 Customer Interaction Builds Your Brand

As a brand, you can take advantage of China’s booming eCommerce marketplace, building stronger relationships by listening to digital product reviews, interpreting sales data, and using that information to create a beautiful buying experience. Since the consumer’s experience in your flagship store is entirely virtual, this gives your business the opportunity to understand your customers at a deeper level. Brands that have done it right build closer customer relationships and generate higher revenue.

Flagship Store Operation Across Platforms

Tmall Global

Tmall Global, a B2C platform part of Alibaba Group, is a popular online marketplace in China where many international brands are selling their products.

It has become one of the easiest ways to penetrate the Chinese market because Tmall Global provides a cross border business model for many foreign brands and retailers to expand their business into China. In 2018, Tmall Global has announced a brand-incubation plan. Around $200 billion will be invested in this program to offer more tools and activities to help brands flourish in China.

Trademonster offers a detailed and complete service plan for brands who open a flagship on Tmall platform. Since Tmall Global has a big market share of all the cross-border eCommerce platforms. The traffic is relatively high. We leverage the advantage of the platform and help brands to maximize profit.


Kaola, which means koala, was chosen as the name because of the concept:" stay lazy and comfortable”. The platform aims to offer customers a “better life with less money” through low prices every day and 100% genuine overseas commodity. In 2019, Kaola was acquired by Alibaba Group who plan to combine Kaola and Tmall to establish a powerful cross-border e-commerce environment in China. Trademonster has solid operation experience and knows how to operate and utilize the resources on Kaola. With a complete service of visual design, store management, marketing promotion and data analysis, our clients have a clear concept about how their stores are operated.

Little Red Book

Little Red book - China‘s most trustworthy social content sharing platform, focuses on a unique blend of trusted user-generated content, word of mouth advertising, and online community building.
The major difference from other traditional eCommerce platforms is that apart from its sales channel, it also has a content-sharing function, where users can post product photos with reviews and tips for other users to read, comment, and save to their boards. Influencer, KOL or even celebrities’ recommendations will make it easier for potential customers to accept new products.
Trademonster always understands the power of content marketing, so we've established and optimised a mature content marketing plan on Little Red Book, helping many new brands improve their awareness in the Chinese market.

JD Worldwide

JD Worldwide is’s cross-border e-commerce platform, which offers international brands a trustworthy platform to access the Chinese market even if they do not have a physical store in China.
Covering 7 fulfilment centres, over 200 warehouses in China, and cooperating with global logistic companies, JD Worldwide provides much-needed logistics services that enable Chinese customers to purchase products from other countries with ease.