About Trademonster

Trademonster team photo after winning Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019

Trademonster has two subsidiary companies

Trademonster is dedicated to forging a path between Australasia and China and removing the pitfalls that many brands have experienced in the past. China is an incredible market that’s always hungry for what foreign brands can offer, but many don’t branch out simply because the logistics involved is too much for them to handle.

We are the solution to that problem. Trademonster was founded to be the gateway to China for all businesses.

We’re driven by one goal: provide Australasian companies with one place they can go to for every logistical need.

Our Subsidiary Companies: Trademonster Ltd & Eco Farm NZ Ltd

Trademonster is a subsidiary company of NZUE together with  Eco Farm NZ Ltd . Eco Farm NZ Ltd is mainly responsible for the platform operation and supply chain side of things, whereas Trademonster Ltd handles logistics operations.

Since our establishment in 2014, we’ve been striving to connect Australasian businesses to a cross-border eCommerce (CBEC) service they can rely on (and one that ships to their Chinese customers in just four days).

Your All-in-One Partner for Chinese CBEC Services

We provide professional cross-border logistics and supply chain operation services for brands all throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Our head office is in Auckland, and our wholly-owned subsidiaries are in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

We’ve achieved rapid development in the Chinese CBEC market, growing to represent multiple Australasian brands since our establishment in 2014. In 2019, our founder Gavin Yang was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award in recognition of our company’s success.

In addition, we partner with many Chinese eCommerce platforms, traditional distribution networks, financial institutions, shopping channels etc to maximise market permeation for our clients.

A complete service provider for cross border eCommerce from Australasia to China

eCommerce channel
Brand cooperation
Flagship Store operartion
Logistic partner

One-stop eCommerce Solution

We provide our clients with full operations and marketing services to maximise their sales success across our distribution channels.

Multiple Distributions with Close Relationships

We are authorised by over 24 online distribution channels to provide the most effective access to the Chinese market for our clients.

Strong Content Marketing and Brand Exposure

We not only have traditional channels but also content marketing channels which can help brands, especially new brands, to get cost effective exposure.

Consulting with Local Know-how

We have offices in both NZ and China with professional sales and marketing teams to help you solve all problems.

Cost-effective Logistic Service

We provide a complete end-to-end logistics service with a New Zealand government-certified RMP regulatory warehouse.

NZ’s Most Trustworthy Export Service Provider to China

Our numerous awards over the last three years are a great endorsement of our professionalism by New Zealand’s commercial organisations.