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Market Access via Chinese eCommerce Platforms

Trademonster provides your business with far-reaching market access to the Chinese online marketplace by offering end-to-end marketing solutions and services. We have extensive experience with Chinese online marketplaces, having developed comprehensive strategies to help international brands reach and sell products to Chinese consumers.

Access China’s online realm and expand your business’ foreign channels with Trademonster’s market access solutions.


Trademonster’s Multi-Channel Market Access

Trademonster provides a proven pathway for international brands to enter the Chinese market through cross-border eCommerce. Trademonster’s current distribution channels cover traditional eCommerce platforms, vertical eCommerce platforms, and social media platforms to reach consumers. We’re highly experienced in bringing international brands into the Chinese market via online platforms such as Little Red Book, Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, and other popular marketplaces.

By listing your business on eCommerce platforms and providing a full cross-border supply chain service, we can help you get your foot in the door. Once you’ve established your presence online and gathered data on your target audience, you can then create a strong offline business presence.

Types of eCommerce Platforms

Trademonster partners with Chinese eCommerce platforms of all types. Once we assess your brand’s ideal audience, we can begin listing your products as well as publish content on the platform that best suits your business model. Below is a breakdown of Chinese eCommerce platform types:

  • Horizontal eCommerce Platforms: A “jack of all trades”, these platforms sell products from many different categories. TMall is a good example of a horizontal eCommerce platform.
  • Vertical eCommerce Platforms: These platforms specialise in one area (or “vertical”), selling products that cater to a specific audience. For example, KidsWant is a platform for maternity and child-focused products.
  • Content Marketing eCommerce Platforms: These platforms are content-based, often featuring interaction between customers and businesses. Little Red Book is a good example. This app helps customers to find and review lesser-known beauty items, incorporating content from customers and businesses into an eCommerce platform.

Our All-in-One Market Access Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive market-entry strategies for our clients, no matter what their vertical is. Our services in this area are broken down below:

  • Market analysis and entry strategy development
  • Online eCommerce material preparation
  • Product and store design, listing
  • Online platform promotions
  • Content and social media, and digital marketing in China
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Customer service
  • Data analysis for future optimisation

Using Multiple eCommerce Channels for Full Market Exposure

Using Multiple eCommerce Channels for Full Market ExposureChina’s eCommerce industry market share has reached over 40% in the past three years. This gives foreign brands the unique opportunity to tap into one of the world’s largest online markets without the need to establish physical stores.

When breaking into a new market like China, it is crucial for foreign brands to use multiple eCommerce platforms. These are highly popular amongst Chinese consumers as avenues for purchasing authentic foreign products, and these consumers are used to accessing almost everything online.

Using every available Chinese eCommerce platform to establish an online presence in China is the best way to expose your business to many interested customers.

Why Use Multiple Chinese eCommerce Platforms?

To increase the visibility of your business
To understand your target audience in-depth
To connect with all your potential customers, no matter their preferred platform
To discover which platform best suits your business through research and development
To create a legitimate reputation among your customers

Chinese Online Marketplaces We Work With

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