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A wide shot of a full distribution warehouse as part of global logistics solutions.

Trademonster provides end-to-end global logistics solutions, helping brands both big and small break into the Chinese market. Foreign brands can have a tough time in the Chinese market as the regulations are changing all the time, which is why having an experienced partner in logistics solutions like Trademonster is crucial to success.

We provide a comprehensive logistics service including everything from transportation to freight forwarding, ensuring that your brand can efficiently distribute goods to Chinese consumers. Finally, by keeping our finger on the pulse of the Chinese market, we anticipate changes and keep your business ahead of the curve, no matter your business model.

If you’re looking for a logistics service provider that knows the market and operates with experience, you’ve come to the right place.


China’s Avenues for Cross-Border eCommerce

China recognises two avenues for cross-border eCommerce: (1) the import of goods via a bonded warehouse, and (2) import through direct shipment. Trademonster provides cost-effective logistics solutions and third-party management for both avenues.

Import via Bonded Warehouse

Through this channel, goods are shipped in bulk to China (by sea or air freight) before they are ordered or sold online. The goods are temporarily stored in a customs-approved warehouse within a previously established CBEC (cross-border eCommerce) zone in China. Once the products go up for sale, orders are picked and packed from the warehouse and delivered directly to the consumer.

Import via Direct Shipment

Goods are sent directly to the consumer in China after they’ve been ordered online. This is done by shipping products from the country of production to the consumer via express freight, post, or courier.

Optimise Your Distribution with Trademonster’s 3PL Management

We offer comprehensive 3PL service solutions for enterprise supply chains from transportation to order fulfilment, keeping in mind Chinese eCommerce market best practices. By partnering with post providers and distributors throughout Australasia and China, we also offer hassle-free freight solutions.

Below is a breakdown of our services:

  • Multi-platform eCommerce and logistics solutions. From Australasia to China, move your product safely and get it to your consumer with experienced 3PL management.
  • Bonded warehouse network throughout China. We have a global network of bonded warehouses throughout Australasia and several Chinese cities, enabling you to store your goods and begin selling before paying duty.
  • Customs brokerage and customs clearance solutions. After many years in the import and export industry, we can ensure your goods will clear customs with minimal hassle.
  • Picking, packing, and warehouse management. Let us manage warehousing, inventory, and assembly of orders to provide your customers with an elevated experience.
  • Secured supply chain management service. Using the New Zealand government-certified RMP regulatory warehouse standards, we will provide a secure supply chain.

Why Use Our Global Logistics Solutions?

Most SMEs looking to break into the Chinese eCommerce market don’t have the budget or infrastructure to handle the logistics or warehousing alone.

Handling a global logistics and distribution system is complicated, which is why businesses turn to us for our supply chain solutions. Some stumbling blocks for smaller businesses branching into the foreign market include:

  • Complications with the logistics process. Cross-border delivery relies on many uncertain factors, including paying taxes, passing customs inspections, and declaring correctly.
  • High cost and maintenance. From transportation and warehousing to system development and operation, each step creates a cost the company must account for.
  • Relationship management and customer service. This includes managing the brand’s relationship with not only their customer, but their distributors and suppliers as well. This takes up a lot of time, and in a foreign market it is even more difficult.

Trademonster’s end-to-end global logistics services handle every aspect of this process for you.

Our Strategic Logistic Partners:


In 2018, Trademonster cooperated with COSCO International Air Freight Co. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO Group, to open a direct-purchase import model of e-global online shopping from New Zealand to China. Thus, providing overseas e-commerce with overseas collection, sorting, packaging, and labelling services as well as electronic customs clearance, domestic delivery, and other cross-border e-commerce logistics services.

  • This model connects the e-commerce platform with customs.
  • After the cross-border online shopping of local individuals, the platform will transmit electronic orders, payment vouchers, and Electronic Way Bills to the customs in real time.
  • Commodities enter through the customs controlled cross-border e-commerce supervision area, and operate according to the cross-border e-commerce import business model of personal postal goods taxation.

SF Express

In 2018, Trademonster opened a cooperation with SF, and began cooperation projects include the Fruit Fresh New Zealand Export Project and the New Zealand China Small Parcel Two-way Logistics Project.

Corporate Honours:

  • AAAAA Logistics Enterprise by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
  • Pioneering Enterprise in the 30-year Economic Reform of China’s Logistics Industry by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
  • 2009 Statistic Sample of Logistics Enterprise
  • Excellent Unit in Statistics Work in the Postal Industry of Guangdong Province in 2010
  • Demonstration Base for China’s Logistics Industry
  • Excellent Unit for Postal Services and Postal Route Security for the Shenzhen Universiade
  • Top 10 E-commerce Logistics Innovation Enterprises
  • Key Logistics Enterprise of Shenzhen
  • Brand Enterprise Award by China (Shenzhen) International Logistics & Transportation Fair
  • Firms with AA Grade Credit Management by Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ)
  • Large-sized Backbone Enterprises by the Economics & Information Commission of Guangdong Province

New Zealand Post

In 2015, Trademonster opened a partnership with New Zealand Post which included the export of small parcels from China to Australia and New Zealand, small parcels from New Zealand to China, and New Zealand local delivery services. In the two years of cooperation between the two parties, 100,000 small parcels were delivered, and 10,000 parcels were packed and sent out in the Double Eleven Festival day.

4PX Express

4PX EXPRESS is a professional logistics solution provider dedicated to providing global logistics and global warehousing leading services for cross-border e-commerce. The company has three major categories, more than 50 kinds of logistics products and services, covering logistics, warehousing services, and reverse logistics solutions to meet the needs of different types and sizes of cross-border e-commerce. The core products of 4PX include global warehousing and order fulfilment services-FB4, global small bag service-Lianyoutong, 4PX global express delivery service, GRS global return service and global cargo transfer service for Haitao consumers. In 2016, 4PX received the investment of the Cainiao Group and became the core logistics partner of the Ali Group to achieve the strategy of “buy global and sell global”.

4PX Express (“4PX”) was conceived in 2004 and is China’s #1 cross-border e-commerce solutions provider. 4PX employs over 1,500 employees across 50 different global locations. Its major investors include Singapore Post Limited and Shenzhen Capital Group (one of the China government’s largest investment companies).

4PX has received numerous accolades such as Forbes Magazine’s prestigious “China’s Up and Coming” award and other awards from various media companies. In addition, 4PX is recognized as a Preferred Partner by e-commerce leaders such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and others.

Flytexpress Logo

Flytex Express

In 2015, Trademonster began working with Flytex Express. The main project is the export of small parcels from China to Australia and New Zealand. Within 2 years 500,000 small parcels had been delivered.

Corporate Honours:

10 of strong enterprise in Guangdong cross-border electricity supplier logistics

  • Male Eagle Award
  • Award – outstanding Fengming international logistics service providers

Orient International Logistics Holding

Orient is an international logistics enterprise as per requirements of the modern enterprise system based on the concepts of integrated assets, diversified ownership, specialized operation, regionalized marketplace, and IT-network. It is backed by Orient Enterprise which is an A-share listed company in China.

Orient has expertise in import and export sea freight and airfreight. This includes international shipping, shipping agency, shipping brokering, freight forwarding and container transportation and logistics (container yard, warehouse, truck service) as well as exhibition transport and clearance.


• Direct postal channel to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou: average total transportation lead time is ten days.
• B2C channel, pre-declared: average total transportation lead time is five days


Assessed by MPI, Trademonster is a legitimate service provider. We offer our clients New Zealand government-certified RMP-regulated warehousing and distribution.


We are registered with MPI and possess NP1 certification, giving us the right to work with clients in the food business, including products like milk powder, honey, etc.