Content Marketing


Social Media and Content Marketing in China

Here at Trademonster, our team of social media and content specialists develop comprehensive strategies that speak to your brand’s target audience, driving profitable customer action with content that engages and converts.

Effective social media and content marketing comes down to a simple principle: great content influences conversions. Strategies in this area of online marketing focus on building trust in your Chinese market by boosting your brand’s reputation through active social networks and quality, localised content.

You will already know that content published across various platforms positions you as a reliable, consistent, and ever-present brand. In China, this is taken to new heights, as other avenues of content distribution, such as third-party publications and shared content through key influencers, will help build trust with your ideal market.

If you require professional content marketing services from experienced Chinese marketers, Trademonster can help.


 Content Marketing That Builds Trust & Converts

Establishing a positive brand reputation through a comprehensive social media and content marketing strategy is the best way to connect and build trust with your audience. But how does it affect your bottom-line? Below are some significant ways a content marketing strategy will improve conversions and impact your revenue:

  • Content marketing creates conversion rates up to six times higher than other digital marketing methods.
  • In the United States, studies show that over two-thirds of online consumers decided to purchase a product after reading a blog recommendation.
  • Over 70% of companies surveyed in a Curata poll said that content marketing increased both the quality and quantity of their leads.
  • Video content is particularly effective, providing significant increases in conversions and ROI for over 70% of businesses surveyed by CrazyEgg.
  • Inbound marketers can double their average conversion rate with a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

The Power of Content on Chinese eCommerce Platforms

The average Chinese person spends two hours a day engaging with content and social media, and 74% make their purchases from their mobiles. These purchases are often driven by content they see on blogs or social media.

In fact, many Chinese eCommerce platforms operate much like a social media platform, and you can market to customers directly within platforms like WeChat and Weibo. This gives foreign brands a unique opportunity to reach out to their new customer base and establish trust through influencer marketing, short videos, live streaming, account posting, and blogging.

The importance of content marketing is that consistent, quality content helps support every other part of your digital marketing strategy. Most small businesses have more than one tool in their digital marketing toolbox. From email marketing to social media to PPC ads, there are many different tactics that you can use to attract and engage your ideal audience.

Our Social Media & Content Marketing Service Range

The Trademonster marketing team is committed to providing brands with closed-loop online marketing strategies, ranging from content to sales and from sales to word of mouth. As a service provider of professional eCommerce and social media marketing, we provide content marketing services for brands on WeChat official accounts, Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), Kaola, Taobao, Tmall and other Chinese social media platforms. These services include:

  • professional online social media brand account management
  • grass planting (recommendation articles written by influencers)
  • KOL promotion management
  • general account posting
  • live streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over a social media platform. In China, this is one of the most influential tools a brand can use to spread brand awareness. We help you collaborate with influencers to create these live videos and achieve better sales outcomes.

Influencer & KOL Posting (a.k.a. Grass Planting)

Influencer and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing are integral parts of our social media marketing strategy, as consumers in China are known to flock to the products their favourite influencers love and promote. We have connected with many influencers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) on platforms like Little Red Book, TMall, and Kaola. We co-operate with them to create product reviews using their platforms, creating a good reputation for your business by using the voices that Chinese consumers know and trust.

Brand Account Management

Our in-house content team can create and manage a branded account on platforms like Little Red Book, posting high-quality blog posts every month to attract subscribers. Not only does this build your brand’s reputation, but it also creates a hub for your customers to receive updates.
We’ve helped brands that started their accounts from scratch to accumulate thousands of followers in a short span of time.

General Account Posting

At Trademonster, we’ve collected many general accounts with thousands to millions of followers, using these as effective tools to promote products from our clients’ brands.

WeChat Official Account Management

A WeChat Official Account is one of the most popular marketing platforms, acting as a brand hub that people can subscribe to, and from which businesses can send their customers content updates and service notifications. This content can also be shared by the customer, offering businesses the chance to capitalise on virality. Our hands-on team manages your account, regularly publishing content and managing service and sales notifications.