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IT Architecture

TradeMonster helps clients reach more Chinese customers through the application of a dedicated IT system that can be integrated into integrated into any pre-existing e-commerce feed.

eCommerce website that is ready for cross-border trading.

We build Ecommerce websites using the world’s number 1 open source shopping platform, Magento 2. This flexible, fully scalable and dependable platform delivers all the features you’re looking for in an Ecommerce solution.  Our sites are fully optimised to NZ commerce as well as cross-border requirements. The websites are done by our local web development partner in Auckland.

Set Up of Taobao Tmall Shop, standalone China E-Commerce store & other eShops (JingDong, Amazon, QQ)

Some brands and retailers go straight for a China standalone e-shop. Some take advantage of existing 3rd party platforms such as Taobao T-Mall, Tmall Global, JD.com / JingDong (formerly 360Buy), Amazon China and shop.QQ. Others do it all. We determine what is best for our clients and from system integration, designing, choosing best practices for page & product set up, we help establish an online sales solution wherever the targeted China consumer group is looking to purchase!

TradeMonster WeChat scope of services

TradeMonster could help you create online campaigns to propagate your brand’s WeChat account so that you’ll be able to cast a wide net of qualified users. We will focus on heavy content marketing while prominently displaying your account’s QR code on relevant platforms. Once the campaigns have been sent, TradeMonster analyzes your brands tone and tactics, while providing support for copywriting new content for campaigns on a daily/weekly basis; managing and optimizing your brand’s mini-site, helping you keep track and cater to your target audience; and effectively utilize your mini-site’s eCommerce functions, among others:

We establish your key communications objectives with WeChat and design performance indicators with measurable targets.
We focus on the user experience that sets WeChat apart from other social media platforms.
We evaluate your account and make improvements as needed as we accumulate more and more data.
We will guide you in evaluating your sales growth through WeChat Marketing.

Mobile e-Commerce website or Mobile e-Commerce Apps

Mobile e-commerce website construction is different from that of “basic” website as the size of the screen and thus the user experience is different.

There are several ways to make your compatible on mobile phones or tablets:

Create a specific version for the screens of Smart phones. This is called specific template.

Create a single version of your site but in a responsive design mode. Your site will automatically adapt to the size of the screen on which it is consulted. Reorganize the blocks alone and web design as well.

Create an application for smartphones or tablet is very different from creating an ecommerce website for mobile or tablet.

Uses are generally very different: from Store locator, QR code scqnner, push promotion tool to full ecommerce shop in an app…